Ten practical tips for finishing wardrobes

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When finishing the wardrobe , mastering some small tips can help us quickly organize the wardrobe, and at the same time speed up our finishing speed. What are the tips when finishing the wardrobe?

1. When storing clothing with special materials such as cashmere products, pay attention to shading to prevent fading. Always ventilate, cool, slap dust, remove moisture, and do not expose to the sun. If it is washed, it should be hung up and then hung in the closet. At the same time, put a mildew-proof and anti-mite tablet around the closet to prevent the cashmere products from getting wet and mildewed.

2, the hat must be especially careful to "serve", once the shape, it is difficult to find the original look. Therefore, they cannot be placed together with other items to avoid being deformed by compression. The appropriate way is to place them carefully in a dedicated storage compartment, which is convenient.

3, men's shirts that have just been ironed are not suitable for stacking. The best way is to use a hanger to store them one by one, so that a large number of men's shirts have found a proper "place of shelter". Hanging shirt hangers are best to use non-slip hangers to prevent slipping.

4, for underwear and other clothing, the storage should be more detailed and careful. It is best to place them in a place with good air permeability. Generally, the drawers in the net format are used, and stacking them in a neat manner is beneficial to the maintenance of the clothes, and is more comfortable and comfortable to wear.

5, children's clothing, usually less hanging, stacked more, and taking into account the placement of children's toys, the lower floor can open up a part of the space, easy for children to open the door at any time to pick up and collect toys, to meet children's fun Mentality.

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