The floor is good, the key is to look at the corners.

Do you often have such an experience? The good shirts only wear the neckline; the beautiful bags are only peeled off the corners; the corners of the new book are also very vulnerable... In fact, everything is the same, it will be vulnerable The same is true for the floor of building materials. The corners are most vulnerable to injury, and the wear often starts from the corners.

Ten years of development, corner wear is difficult to solve

The processed wooden floor has a uniform body, and the workers are spliced ​​into a large plane when paving. The size of the joint between the two floors often determines the service life of the floor. If the seam between the two floors is slightly different, over time, the higher part will soon be damaged by whitening, cracking and the like. According to a survey, 90% of the wooden floors are eventually scrapped due to the wear of the corners, and about 90% of the floors that have been scrapped due to corner wear are out of the corners.

As we all know, China's wooden flooring was first introduced by Germany. After ten years of development, the laminate flooring has experienced continuous improvement from flat buckle to lock, surface light to jade, pockmark to embossed surface. Although these provide consumers with more choices to a certain extent, this does not mean that China's wood flooring industry is very mature. In fact, many technical cores such as the edge is easy to expand, easy to deform, easy to wear and other issues remain unresolved.

Sinking at the corners minimizes wear and tear

At present, with the continuous improvement of China's wood flooring technology, brands such as Dewei, Ou Sheng, and Rhein Sunshine have begun to adopt an advanced production technology to solve the problem of easy wear of wooden floor corners.

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