The variety of wooden doors is dazzling, how to choose the one that suits you best?

Rich and solid dark brown walnut, warm and light brown cherry wood, fresh and natural light wood pine... Home decoration, the purchase of the door is very important. In the process of selecting the door, consumers are not sure how to choose the variety of wooden doors. In addition, the price of wooden doors on the market varies widely, ranging from a few hundred yuan, thousands of yuan, or even nearly ten thousand yuan. The public is deeply confused during the purchase process.

The weather is getting warmer and the decoration is entering the peak season. Recently, many readers commented in the newspaper's Home Weekly WeChat public number “No Experience, No Decoration”: “When the household door wants to choose a solid wood door, how should I choose it?” With these questions, the reporter visited Taiyuan. Many home stores in the city.

The most common styles of wooden doors are Chinese style, European style and simple style. If the decoration of the home is European style, the wooden door also selects wooden doors with curved and swirling lines.

If it is a simple style home, try to choose a wooden door with horizontal and vertical lines and simple decoration.

A is the same as the wooden door.

On the second floor of a home city in the provincial capital, nearly 100 wooden door stores are dazzling. The style of each store is different, and the price level is also very large. During the visit, the reporter found that the mainstream wooden doors currently on sale in the market are roughly divided into two types, namely composite wooden doors and solid wood doors, each ranging from seven to eight hundred yuan to more than 20,000 yuan.

The composite wooden door is mainly made of solid wood as the skeleton, the surface is made of high-grade natural veneer. The door core is made of various filling materials. The shape is generally very beautiful. The price is between 1,200 yuan/set-3,000 yuan/set, and the insiders revealed that the production The cost price is generally within 1,000 yuan / set. Since the MDF has the characteristics of easy engraving, easy sanding, and small deformation, the advantage of conforming to the wooden door is that it does not deform or crack.

In addition to composite wooden doors, solid wood doors are also a very popular category of goods. A solid wood door means that the inner and outer materials of the door are made of the same or similar wood. Solid wood materials include fir, pine, walnut, red-winged wood, rosewood, mahogany, teak and so on. Due to the different wood used, the price difference of solid wood doors is large, and the price of a set is from several thousand yuan to several tens of thousands.

Mr. Lu, a dealer who has been operating wooden doors for many years, said: "There are many customers who buy wooden doors now. Apart from the necessary sound insulation and heat insulation functions, customers are also concerned about the material of wooden doors. The materials are different and the price is definitely different. According to the current sales situation, the sales of solid wood composite doors with a price of around 2,000 yuan/set are good."

Mr. Lu introduced that the high cost performance of solid wood composite doors has become the best choice for consumers. The solid wood composite door is more versatile than the wooden door. The high-grade solid wood composite door has a smooth hand feeling, soft color and durability, and the sound insulation effect is comparable to the original wooden door.

B solid wood, logs are not fooled

"It was originally a solid wood door. It was not imagined to find a solid wood door. It was not a kind of wood. The shopping guide said that there is a kind of wooden door in addition to the solid wood door. Isn't this wooden door a solid wood door? "Ms. Wang, who is currently renovating at home, spoke to reporters when picking wooden doors.

It is not clear that the consumers of "solid wood doors" and "original wood doors" are not. After the reporter visited the market, I learned that this is due to the unclear concept. The original wooden door is a kind of solid wood door. The original wooden door is a kind of wood from the facade to the door core, while other solid wood doors are not, so the original wooden door is expensive.

The solid wood door often mentioned in the market is actually a solid wood composite door, which is made of fir, pine, etc., with MDF and solid wood veneer. The high-grade wooden doors will be made of high-quality pine wood and the like, and the surface is solid wood veneer. Among them, the gum content is less and it is more environmentally friendly. At the same time, the solid wood composite door makes full use of the excellent characteristics of various materials, avoids the use of precious wood with high cost, and effectively reduces the production cost without reducing the use of the door and the decorative performance. In addition to good visual effects, it also has the characteristics of sound insulation, heat insulation, high strength and durability, which are accepted by consumers.

The "original wooden door", which is more expensive, is the "solid wood door" that is understood by ordinary decorators. The original wooden door is made of natural logs, and the raw wood is not attached to the wood. After drying and smearing, the lacquer is directly finished. The main feature of the wooden door is that the materials of the door leaf are made of the same tree species and are uniform inside and outside, without any filler of different materials. The binder used is nearly 50% less than the amount of solid wood door. Therefore, the formaldehyde emission of good quality wood door is far lower than the national standard. With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection and self-protection, after the precious tree species and finely crafted, the log wooden door adds a lot to the living room.

C understand the correct purchase of the market

The reporter found in a store specializing in original wooden doors that even the original wooden doors, the price is very different. A Sapele's uncarved minimalist wood door is nearly 10,000 yuan cheaper than a teak carved wooden door. So, where does the price difference come from? How should I buy it?

Mr. Lu said that whether it is a wooden door or a solid wood door, the price difference is only concentrated in two aspects, namely quality and workmanship. "The lower grade wooden doors also have a set of thousands of yuan, and the higher grade solid wood doors also have a set of ten thousand yuan. In the original wooden doors, the higher price wooden doors are often made of precious wood, such as teak, rosewood. , sandalwood, etc., the paint uses a more environmentally friendly water-based paint, the engraver is more flexible and refined. As consumers pay more and more attention to the decorative effect of wooden doors, more wooden doors with exquisite carvings and beautiful meanings come into being. Very popular carvings have good luck, open doors, Nafford, old age, etc. With these carved wooden doors, depending on the complexity of the process, they will be expensive to varying degrees." Many wooden door dealers recommend choosing wooden doors from soundproofing. In terms of heat insulation and environmental protection, we can fully compare the specific products of original wood doors and solid wood doors.

How to choose the wooden door that you like? The first thing to look at is whether the product has an environmentally-friendly certificate. The qualified finished solid wood furniture has the identity certificate of the materials and materials used, and the consumer can see it and buy it later. Not only that, but when choosing a wooden door, you should also pay attention to whether the texture on both sides of the door corresponds. Mr. Lu reminded that the real log door is dense and sparse because of the growth of the annual ring, so the textures on both sides will correspond to each other and be dense and different, and the texture looks very natural at a distance. However, if the pattern of the door is smooth and tidy, the texture of both sides is evenly symmetrical, which is often not a real wooden door, but a wooden door.

The second is to see the finish. "The finish can clearly show the shape and pattern of the wooden door. It can also be seen how the work of the wooden door." He said that when choosing a wooden door, the finish is a very important part, from the color The pattern and other aspects can be seen whether the decoration is coordinated with the overall home design. This is also an important reason why more and more wooden door brands choose to “naked” the white blanks. “Because the color can be done later by the painter. "Mr. Lu explained.

Mr. Lu said that in the choice of wooden doors, you should listen more and tap the face with your hand. The sound is even and dull, indicating that the door is of good quality. It is also possible to use the method of measuring the amount, because the higher the proportion of the solid wood of the wooden door, the heavier the door. When knocking on the door, be sure to check that the sound of each door is consistent, in case you encounter an empty core door.


Choose the door according to the decoration style

In addition to visiting the home store, the reporter also specially interviewed the interior designer to consult the doorway of the wooden door. Mr. Zhao, a director of a decoration company with more than 10 years of work experience, suggested that as the “facade” of the home, the shape of the wooden door is best consistent with the style of the home, and the style and style of each door should also correspond.

He introduced that the most common styles of wooden doors are Chinese style, European style and simple style. If the decoration of the home is European style, then the wooden door also selects the wooden door with curved and swirling lines; if it is a simple style home, Try to choose wooden doors with horizontal and vertical lines and simple decoration. Compared with European style, Chinese style adds Chinese elements to the line. Carvings, totems, etc. are common styles of Chinese wooden doors.

In addition, different wooden doors should be used for different spaces. In the bedroom and study, wooden doors with thick and simple styles should be chosen to give a feeling of tranquility. For kitchens and bathrooms, wooden doors with glass are chosen, which are easy to clean and more beautiful.

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