Top solid wardrobe: clever design makes your bedroom wardrobe save money and space

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Method 1: Using wall to make hangers

Instead of using a wooden board, use a corner of the bedroom and build a wall on the other side (the wall width is 65 cm). Install two stainless steel pipes on the two sides of the parallel wall to make a hanger. With a curtain, the space enclosed by the three walls becomes a wardrobe . This method only consumes a small amount of material needed to build a wall, and thinks about labor costs, as well as the cost of stainless steel and curtains.


Method 2: Mirror door is dual-purpose

In general, a large fitting mirror is required for the cloakroom, and a door is required for the restroom. This method can solve both problems at the same time, that is, the sliding door actor in the bathroom dresses up a large fitting mirror.

Method 3: The wardrobe door becomes the inner door

The master bedroom and the cloakroom are available in the master bedroom of the large flat or the surface of the object. The two doors are preset into a white color double-opening wardrobe door, and the wall is equipped with a beige color wallpaper to extend the psychological distance between the main guard, the cloakroom and the bedroom, so as to form a larger space for the psychological retention. sense. Achieve better group makeup with equal or even cheaper consumption.

Option 4: Wardrobe "five dirty"

The surface looks like a "completely" wardrobe. When you open the door, you have already "five dirty": no backboard, no side panels on both sides, no cabinet doors, no drawers, no matching laminates, no complicated Hardware.

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