TwinTeeth: Mini factory with PCB printing, 3D printing and CNC functions

Once again, talented hackers proved that open source development is the fastest and most efficient way of technological progress in the future. It not only ensures that the technology can be used by as many people as possible, but also opens the door to the fastest and most effective growth and expansion of technical knowledge. For example, this time, the two brothers of the Spanish technology blog have developed a multi-purpose PCB manufacturing device called TwinTeeth in an open source way. This device is definitely a mini factory.

TwinTeeth and its various tool heads

According to two bloggers, before developing TwinTeeth, they encountered mechanical vibration and belt resonance problems in some projects. "When we started the TwinTeeh project, we were worried that we could not find a mechanical design without vibration, because in the DiyouPCB project we almost made various attempts to avoid machine vibration. This is very important because when drawing with laser At this time, the drawing is distorted because the beam is very thin (close to 620 nanometers) and any tiny movements. "

Fortunately, they have come up with some solutions. First, they found that belt resonance can be avoided using lead screws. "This is the basis of our latest design. But we don't have a clear idea about how to eliminate other types of vibrations, mainly vibrations generated by motors and linear bearings. Its inspiration was mainly from my twin babies when they first tried When you brush your teeth, one of them moves the toothbrush up and down in the normal way, while the other one finds it more convenient to move their head instead of the toothbrush. This inspired us, "they explained.

They applied the same principle to the newly built TwinTeeth. This machine mainly moves the build bed, not the tool head. It looks exactly the opposite of the Delta 3D printer. "Fitting the tool head on the top of the machine has its advantages: it is easy to replace the tool head because it is not connected to any moving parts, and the robot arm does not need to pull the wires, wires, heavy loads, cable drag chains, etc. A bunch of things. "They added.

Therefore, DiyouwareTwinTeethPCB printer can complete the various manufacturing stages required to build PCB by changing the tool head. The two brothers guarantee that changing the tool head is very simple and easy to do. It allows you to easily make an Arduino expansion board size circuit board at home. In fact, it includes the following features:

Photolithography on a photosensitive film or pre-coated photosensitive plate with UV laser.

Use any mini rotary tool such as Dremel® or Proxxon® to drill holes.

Precise spot solder paste on the SMDPCB pad.

Use a fixed special pen to draw the circuit.

3D printed knobs, housings, front panels, and even printed circuits with conductive wires.

Milling / engraving soft materials or etching copper PCB.

Because it is open source, and supports the replacement of various tool heads, in theory, you can also install or develop any type of tool head for it to have a variety of functions. It's just that Twinteeth's working space is a bit smaller, only 70 × 80 × 60 mm. "We intentionally reduced its manufacturing size to the size of an Arduino ™ expansion board, because we would rather do something small and precise." The brothers explained, "In reality, people rarely produce large circuit boards. Because it takes up less space and is easier to manage. However, it is also scalable, and you can make it bigger if you want. "

TwinTeeth and drilling tool head

TwinTeeth's electronic system uses a common Arduino â„¢ Mega + RAMPS1.4 + A4988 motor driver combination. It uses customized software packages, including TwinTeeth firmware that supports various tool heads and even 3D printers, and a multi-tool system console that is said to be very easy to use. According to Tiangongshe, there is also a free version of EagleCadsoft in the software package, which can be used for non-commercial CAD design. "It is easy to generate Postscript, drilling and solder paste distribution files, and TwinTeeth can be used to make circuits." They explained. This means that their machines support G code, PostScript and BMP files, but you also need to use your own ordinary slicing software (such as Slic3r).

TwinTeeth's construction space uses three Nema17 motors whose speed is in the range of 1200-1500 mm / min, making it a very efficient machine. TwinTeeth also includes a precision aluminum fixture bed. As for the laser, the two brothers used the PHR-803T laser head again, with a wavelength of 405 nanometers.

As for its 3D printing capabilities-obviously this is the most important-there are no restrictions. They use a combination commonly used by many RepRap users: Greg extruder + J-head hot end with a nozzle diameter of 0.35 mm.

This setting can support PLA or ABS wire with a wire diameter of 1.75 mm. The two brothers claim that their print quality is comparable to or better than that of a typical desktop 3D printer because its fixed head can ensure a very high level of accuracy. In addition, their management console software also includes calibration, wire feeding and extrusion control functions.

TwinTeeth's 3D printing management interface

The 3D printing function of the TwinTeethPCB mini factory is very strong. In fact, as part of the follow-up development project, they are considering developing a SLA 3D printing tool head. "We have drawn a sketch using a laser tool head. The main feature of our design is that the laser will be very close to the photosensitive resin (less than 10 mm), and can achieve perfect focus at a very small and precise point." Added, and they have also heard of someone using PHR-803T as a SLA3D printed laser head. "So it is possible for us to do this."

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