Ultralight showdown: Free Soul VS Big Sky

As the soul of domestic boutique freedom and the emerging tent niche brand big sky, Ma Sister has just one in each hand. The Archetype account of the Spirit of Liberty was sponsored by the King of Taiwan for 15 years. Big sky 1.5 layer account ISPO find Li Na bought.

In terms of use, both are dominated by ultralight.

You cannot dare to draw conclusions, but weight is an important reference indicator.

1, free spirit soul wizard prototype account configuration:

Storage bag, inside account, outside account, wind rope, nail

The weight is as shown below: Whole 1kg

After the build is like this:

Remove the internal account, including the storage bag, the accounts, ground nails, wind rope, weighs only 0.45kg.

As shown below:

After the build is this way:

Ul is playing so hard.

What about big sky?

In fact, the big sky you bought online is only a semi-finished product. It only contains the tent storage bag, the main body of the tent, and there are no wind ropes and nails. Therefore, the weight of the tent is only the weight of a semi-finished product. 0.55kg

If 0.1 kg of ground nails and 0.1 kg of wind rope are used, the total weight is estimated to be 0.75 kg.

Pay attention to the number of wind ropes shown below.

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