WASP architectural 3D printer wants to print the entire village

Do you think the above picture is a tower that doesn't know what to do? In fact, it is a 3D printer ! From Italian company WASP, last year the company developed this Detla building the world's largest 3D printer. Do not believe to see the details below:

Last year, this 3D printer made its debut in the Italian city of Massa Lombarda, shocking the world. Today, it is about to start its first experimental mission to build an environmentally friendly village in the city.

It is understood that WASP has signed a cooperation agreement with the relevant municipal government. The 3D printed village will be named Shambalha, meaning peace, tranquility and happiness. WASP manager Massimo Moretti said that in the village construction, they will make full use of the printer's 12-meter height and the ability to accurately squeeze environmentally-friendly concrete, printing multiple buildings and vertical vegetable gardens of different sizes.

Although the construction has not yet begun, it has already shown a bright future. As described in the agreement, this will be the initial realization of the maker economy: everything can be manufactured on its own, without relying on monopolistic companies. As for this project, Xiaobian is as excited as many people. 3D printed buildings are more environmentally friendly, low cost and high degree of freedom. In the future, if 3D printing technology is really applied to the construction industry, I believe it will be the gospel of many people.

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