What does pregnancy need to change (sports article) three

Many years ago, scientists discovered that forcing the mother to exercise is beneficial to the development of the baby's brain, specifically to promote the generation of nerve cells in the hippocampus. This means that the mice have good memory and learning ability.

For example, in an article called "Mom and Rat Treadmill, Baby Remembers Good", the scientists determined that after the mother was pregnant, they forced them to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day with medium intensity, and 3 meters per minute for the first 5 minutes. The speed, the next 5 minutes 5 m / min, the last 20 minutes 8 m / min (really creeping!). The rats were short during pregnancy and were born after 7 days of running. Rat Xiaobao grew up to 21 days to do an intelligence test by measuring their memory of the punishment for electric shock. As a result, the mothers who run or not run, the memories of the offspring seem to be different.

In another article, scientists also called the sports mouse mother's baby to go through the maze, test the spatial learning ability, and found similar effects. By the way, if you look at this maze is too simple, don't you split the two. In fact, the scientist puts a reward on one side after turning, such as delicious, how long the mouse can learn to find the right direction. .


The French are the most creative. They made a small swimming pool with a depth of half a meter and a diameter of 30 cm. Let the experimental mouse swim for 10 minutes every day until the baby is born. The mouse was measured for memory after 20 days, and the brain was observed for 30 days to observe the growth of nerve cells in the hippocampus. The results showed that the short-term memory of the swimmer's offspring was better.

Write this and turn to look at the rice pocket. You are a fat girl! Everyone's little mouse is on the treadmill, and you still rely on the bed to rise blood lipids!

Some people may ask, pigs are more like humans in terms of physical function, etc. Why not do pig running experiments? There is indeed a pig running experiment. I mentioned it in the "Sports Mother Baby Heart is Good". But after all, the pig running experiment is too extravagant, it is estimated that a gym is so big, and the method of measuring intelligence for rats is relatively mature. Considering the pig run experiment is not so popular.

There are fewer human experiments. In 1999, 60 expectant mothers participated in a scientific research. The scientists did not delve into the mechanism, but found that the baby of the sports mother showed better positioning ability for spatial stimulation and the body responding to sound and light stimulation after 5 days of birth. Controlling; more patient scientists wait until the baby is 5 years old and find that the baby of the sports mother is smarter. This result seems to me a little bit, and the baby may happen for 5 years. For example, the baby in the family who likes sports may also exercise more. And interacting with my parents too much - see how the readers interpret themselves.

At the end of last year at the Neurological Congress in San Diego, Canadian scientists published an initial study that allowed some expectant mothers to maintain moderate-intensity exercise in the second and third trimesters, at least 20 minutes each time, three times a week; the control group remained busy Life, ten weeks a week can be called "sports." 8-12 days after the baby is born, the level of cognitive ability and auditory memory are measured. To put it bluntly, is the brain developing fast? As a result, the mother of the sports mother won. The picture shows how the baby's brain waves are measured.

The last article was widely reprinted in the media, and it was greatly interpreted. Even my favorite science journalist, Tito, wrote it. If you ask my instincts, I am certainly willing to believe as a sports enthusiast; but as a former researcher, I would like to remind readers not to blindly follow. It is immoral not to say that it is forced to exercise in the control group that does not like exercise. There are only a few dozen babies in the experiment. The sample size is not enough. In addition, the babies are only two weeks old to measure the brain. Maybe the baby who does not exercise the mother will come up later. Then the test is only an indicator... In short, there are a lot of omissions. These scientists plan to make a return visit when the baby is 1 year old, and then measure brain development. Now it is not yet, and it will only be decomposed next year.

The words turn a corner... The clever baby research is conclusive, and now the expectant mother can't wait. But it is good for pregnant women to keep exercise at least for themselves. Let's come to practice.

Q: What kind of expectant mother is best not to exercise

After writing a series of sports benefits, it is cruel to warn some expectant mothers not to exercise. But the good news is that if the physical quality is good before pregnancy, then even if you have to stop during pregnancy, you can eat the old ones, and your abandonment is responsible. Including: cervical dysfunction, mid-pregnancy and late bleeding (to ask the doctor), heart disease, placenta previa, abnormal fetal development, etc. Doctors recommend not to exercise, and people who never exercise.

Q: Can you run? Is it enough to walk fast? Yoga?

My answer is to do what I can. If you have never exercised before, it is obviously not good to start a long-distance running in pregnancy. A quick walk may be a very relaxed and sporty exercise for you. Yoga I personally are not very keen, but maybe some people feel very comfortable and can relieve muscle tension.

However, there are also ways to avoid the exercise. First, many high-temperature yoga favorite by beautiful women. If the ambient temperature is too high, the blood supply to the uterus will be reduced, running under the skin to help dissipate heat; and skiing and the like are easy to fall, good for The Chinese did not participate much; some people asked if they could do a bicycle ride in bed a few days ago. I want to ask weakly, you can still comfortably lie for a long time and exercise for 5 months... the uterus is so big. It may oppress the pelvic blood vessels, affecting blood circulation, and may not be very comfortable even lying down.

Q: How do you know that you don't exercise too much?

1. Regardless of the sport, follow your heart (literally, follow your heart...), because I still run (don't let my family see it), so I need a simple software to detect the heartbeat, rest 56 -60, when the exercise rises and falls quickly, then the maximum heartbeat is no more than 150, and the time is not long, I feel very good, now the stomach is beginning to sink, the amount is gradually reduced; 2, do not sweat, a small amount Sweat is no problem; 3, don't get angry; 4, the most serious situation, dizziness, difficulty breathing, all kinds of pain, contractions, amniotic fluid leakage and vaginal bleeding, respect the body, don't force yourself again... ...the sport is at most one pastime.

Q: Is there any movement that does not require movement?

1. Some expectant mothers see me saying that good waist and abdomen muscles are good for production, and ask me how to exercise my waist and abdominal muscles during pregnancy. I can only fight. The pregnant body can no longer be as light as a swallow, and the back muscles are easily injured; the stomach will become a burden, and it is not wise to repeatedly squeeze the uterus, so the waist and abdomen muscles can only be prepared before pregnancy. But some stretching exercises can relieve back pain. The easiest thing is to push the door frame with both hands and lean forward. The simple yoga posture in the picture below can also be used.

2, exercise the pelvic floor muscles, not tired at all, not too late! The advantage is that it can alleviate urinary incontinence during labor and postpartum, and also help postpartum recovery. But pay attention to the method and focus on the muscles you want to exercise. However, the wrong action of this exercise is not nothing. For example, if you don't exercise into a pelvic floor muscle, you can exercise into a gluteus maximus. It is not bad. 3 minutes a day, just the time to get off work to do the subway, come on!

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